UT-Cran it is the only over the counter urinary pain reliever with a dual action formula that not only eases Out Effect of the E-Coli to prevent the infection from getting worse.but also contains Proanthocyanidins 36mg (DMAC)for a Natural Flushing  the pain and burning,but also contains Proanthocyanidins 36omg (DMAC) for a Natural Flushing-Out Effect of the E-Coli to prevent the infection from getting worse.

Who Has The Higher Risk In Getting UTI

  • Women who use a diaphragm for birth control
  • Men with an enlarged prostate.
  • Women who are sexually active.
  • Very young infants : Bacteria gain entry to the urinary tract via the bloodstream from other sites in the body.
  • Young children : (Poor hygiene has been linked to an increased frequency of urinary tract infections.)
  • Hospitalized patients or nursing-home residents:
  • People with medical conditions that cause incomplete bladder emptying (for example, spinal cord injury or bladder decompensation after menopause.)
  • People with conditions that block the urinary tract, such as kidney stones.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Menopause.
  • People who take immunosuppressant medications such as chemotherapy for cancer also are at increased risk.


How Does Ut-Cran Help Maintain A Healthy Urinary Tract?
  • Ut-Cran supports a healthy urinary tract by helping to flush the urinary tract to maintain cleanliness.

Can I Take Ut-Cran Everyday?

  • Yes,Ut-Cran is a dietary supplement recommended to be taken daily to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.

Can A Diabetic Patient Take Ut-Cran?

  • Yes,Ut-Cran uses acesulfam potassium as its sweetener which is suitable for diabetic.
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