UT Wash - The Natural Feminine Wash

  • Provides you with the most essential intimate protection with its non-irritating formulation.
  • Not only cleanse and moisture, its also helps to maintain a balance pH of intimate area.
  • Reduce chances of infection and combats unpleasant odour.

When Can You Apply UT Wash Feminine Wash?

  • During bath time
  • Menstruation
  • Before and after intimacy
  • During the middle of month - ovulation
  • After a hard perspiration - wash at the sweaty areas like armpit and groin areas.

Introducing A Natural Feminine Wash For Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry Extract

Research shows that proanthocyanidin (PACs) found in cranberries help to prevent UTI by blocking uropathogenic bacteria from adhering and proliferating at uroepithelium, which causes infection.


Provide a defense system against infection and maintain vaginal acidity.

Oak Gall Extract

Helps to prevent itchy vaginal skin, reduce excessive vaginal discharge.

Piper Betle Extract

Neutralizes free radicals due to overgrowth vaginal flora and tighten the vagina.






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